For the past several years, ACCS has been broadcasting various sporting events on and off-campus live over the internet for public viewing. Powered by the WSN Live network (or WiFi Sports), is the place to go if you can't make it to see your Rebels in person! Featuring color commentary from Dan Ratcliff, Warren Whitaker, and Redneck Adventure's Jimbob Allgood.



Help With Using ACCSLive

Required Internet Quality: currently* requires an internet connection with a download speed of AT LEAST 2 Mbps* for smooth viewing.


If the speedtest reports speeds of 2 Mbps or above, you should be good to go. If your speed is below that, you may still try to watch the stream, but may experience interruptions.*

Tip: Cable Internet (especially in the Miss/Lou area) is almost always the fastest option, unless Fiber is available. DSL speeds may or may not accommodate proper usage of,  depending on your plan/package and tier of service. Dial-Up will NOT be able to properly handle ACCSLive under any conditions. A good 4G LTE connection in many cases also performs great. Satellite Internet MAY work under certain circumstances. Other forms of internet connectivity may vary. The best way to tell if your internet will be able to handle ACCSLive is to check your speedtest and with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for more information.


Supported Platforms: officially supports Windows and MacOSx , iOS Devices, and Android Devices. We recommend using Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Android if possible.  Safari should be fine for viewing on Apple Devices. You're welcome to try different combinations, but we've been able to confirm success with the ones listed above.* has not been confirmed working on SmartTVs, Gaming Consoles, or Set Top Boxes such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV. Chromecasts using the "Tab Streaming" feature have been tested, and have worked fine in most cases, but are not officially supported. Support for more devices is being actively worked on and is a top priority.  
Watching ACCSLive on your TV

Current confirmed ways to watch ACCSLive on your TV include the Xbox One® Video Game Console, learn how here. You can also hook your laptop or TV to your TV with the appropriate cable. We are currently working on STB/Streaming Device support for more platforms.

*Requirements and recommendations are not guaranteed in any fashion and are subject to change at any time.
**Service or Response not promised or guaranteed in anyway.

- Xbox One® is a registered trademark of Microsoft


Common Problems - And Solutions

~ Confirm that you don't have an old bookmark - If you're having trouble reaching the website, or see an error of some sort, confirm your visiting the site straight from, and not an old, possibly outdated bookmark.


~ If on a Laptop or Desktop, make sure you have Up-To-Date Adobe Flash Player - A common cause of the stream not loading on Laptop and Desktops, is the absence of or an outdated version of Adobe Flash Player. Tap here and make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine.


~ Mobile Formatting - If having issues on mobile, try going to the settings for your browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) and turning on the "Format Webpages For Mobile Device" setting


~ Confirm your internet is fast enough - requires a connection speed of 2mbps Download or higher to operate properly. Watching with a lower speed may result in interruptions and a poor experience. Test your download-speed by tapping here.


~ Use Chrome - As of writing this, there are no known incompatibilities with on Google Chrome for Windows, Android, or iOS. If another browser is having issues, try Google Chrome.


--Still having issues? Message us on Facebook, or E-mail




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Technical Contact: Michael Wilson | 601.597.2473 |