Sports Eligibility

Extra-Curricular Activities

There are many opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities and school events. The coaching staff, sponsors, and administration are committed to developing well-rounded individuals and athletic programs; participation and playing time are at the sole discretion of coaches and sponsors. If parents have concerns about a game, they should schedule an appointment the following school day with the coach, sponsor, Athletic Director, or Principal to discuss the game or activity. At NO TIME should parents, grandparents, or other family members confront the staff, officials, or players during or following a game activity.


Any student whose school account is not current will not be able to participate in any extra-curricular activities until successful arrangements are made with the business office. This will be enforced.


Parent and students should always display good sportsmanship when attending an event. The visiting teams and officials are our guests and should be treated as such. Adams County Christian School spectators are to cheer for their own teams and not against anyone else. When attending school functions or school sponsored events, students will be expected to follow the same code of conduct that is applied during regular school days. Profanity, derogatory remarks, and the like have no place at any event in which ACCS participates. The use or possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. If students are found to be in violation of these rules, they will face severe disciplinary action.


Students should meet dress code guidelines for modesty. The administration of ACCS reserves the right to ask a student or fan to adjust conduct, refrain from remarks, or leave an event to maintain the positive image or integrity of our team and school. Parents and/or students will be responsible for any fines or penalties levied against them by MPSA officials.


1. No student will be allowed to participate in inter-school contests for more than four (4) years after entering the ninth (9th ) grade.


2. A student is not eligible if he/she has reached the age of nineteen (19) prior to August 1st of that school year.


3. A student must pass (4) academic credits in order to be eligible for all extra-curricular activities.


4. If a student has one failing grade at the end of the first nine weeks, that student will be placed on probation. During the probation period, a student can participate in sports. If a student has two failing grades, the student will be off the team until grades are improved. If the student does not have the required grades for eligibility, he or she loses eligibility until the next grade report ( nine weeks report cards or progress reports) that the student can meet the eligibility requirements. If a student has two or more F grades, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular activities. The student will be allowed to work-out, but at the end of the school day, at 3:05, they must leave the campus.


5. Students representing the school in extra-curricular activities are expected to be at school on the day of the event and the day following the event. Any student missing a majority of the school day on the day of the event for any reason other than an appointment with a doctor, dental appointment, or funeral will be ineligible for participation in that event or practice.





Insurance application forms are available in the office and from coaches and sponsors. All athletes must have physicals before practicing or performing. (This applies to cheer, drill team, and flag members, etc.)

Good sportsmanship is an important part of participation in extra-curricular activities. The following penalties will be enforced when appropriate:


A. 1st ejection- $100.00 fine and suspension from 1 game


B. 2nd ejection- $300.00 fine and suspension from 2 games


C. 3rd ejection- $500.00 fine and suspension from games for the remainder of the year


Criteria For Cheerleaders

All students trying out for cheerleader must be currently attending ACCS or have met with approval of the advisor and be registered for the upcoming school year prior to tryouts.


1. All candidates must meet all Extra-Curricular Scholastic Requirements as outlined in this handbook.


2. Each girl trying out for cheerleader will be required to attend the week long camp prior to tryouts.


3. The squads will consist of a maximum of sixteen (16) girls. Two (2) girls will be chosen from each grade, with the remaining selections to be made at large. If there are only two candidates from a class, they must meet the normal break of the score of the judge or 75% of the total points. If this is not achieved, then there will be only one representative from that class.


4. The judges will determine the cutoff of the newly selected squads by the natural break in tryout scores.


5. Any candidate who has been an ACCS cheerleader every year since the 7th grade will automatically be selected for the high school squad her 12th grade year. She will still be required to participate in tryouts for the determination of captain.


6. The captain of the junior high squad must be in the 9th grade, and the captain of the high school squad must be in the 12th grade. Captain is determined by highest score. To be eligible for captain, the candidate must have been an ACCS cheerleader the previous year.


7. Cheerleaders are to give the months of May and June to cheerleading. Vacations and other activities should be scheduled for July. Each cheerleader is required to attend summer camp and all practices in preparation for camp.


8. Each cheerleader is required to cheer at all home and away football games and at all home basketball games.


9. A cheerleader is expected to purchase various items, pay camp fees, work at fund raisers, and practice after school.


10. Parents of cheerleaders may be expected to transport when necessary.

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