Supply List 7th-12th Grades 2022-23

Adams County Christian School
7th-12th Grades Supply list

1- Loose pack white, lined 3 x 5 index cards
2- Spiral notebooks
2- Plastic folders with pockets
4- Packs of wide-ruled loose leaf paper for binders (no college rule)
1- Pack 8 multi-colored highlighters
1- 12 or 24 pk. blue or black pens
1- 12 or 24 pk. pre-sharpened pencils
1- 24 pk. Crayola colored pencils
1- Texas Instrument (TI-30XIIS) scientific calculator (can be found on Amazon)
2- fine-point black Sharpie pens (9th-12th only)
1- Compass (Geometry only)
1- Straight edge ruler (Geometry, Pre-Algebra and Algebra)
5- Section dividers for 3-ring binder (Chemistry and Physical Science only)
2- Packages of glue sticks (A&P, Biology, Biology II only)
1- Pair of scissors (A&P, Biology, and Biology II only)
1- Pair of headphones compatible with Chromebooks (can find inexpensive ones at Wal Mart)
1- Pack of graph paper (Pre-Algebra and Algebra)
1- 3-ring binder (1.5 in.) with pockets AND folders required for the following:

1- 7th-12th English- include 3 plastic folders with 3 prongs and pockets
Please put folders in the binder.
1- 7th-12th Math- include 1 folder with pockets, loose leaf and graph paper
Please put the folder and paper in the binder.
1- 7th-12th Science- include 1 folder with pockets
Please put the folder in the binder.
• Physical Science, Chemistry, A&P, Biology and Biology II include a pencil bag in binder.
1- 11th Adv. Grammar- include 3 folders with pockets
Please put folders in the binder.

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